Vermicompost = worm poop. So, you’ll need some worms! And, lucky for you, we sell worms.

Where do the worms work?

Our “household” worms mostly work indoors in containers such as small Rubbermaid Totes. Because there is no odor or mess, our clients keep them in aerated but closed containers under kitchen sinks, in laundry rooms or basements, or in the garage.

Can you provide all I need to get started?

Almost! We’re working on an all-in-one kit, but for now, we offer do-it-yourself kits that contain all you need except the container (such as a long, shallow Rubbermaid bin). Contact us for details!

What types of worms can I use?

Most use red wigglers, a.k.a. redworms, for indoor composting. Earthworms will not survive inside!

How many do I need?

We recommend about 500 (a half-pound) for single households and 1,000 (a pound) for small families. They will go into a bucket or Rubbermaid-like lidded container with air holes drilled for circulation.

How much are your worms?

Worms are $40 per pound retail.

Do you ship worms?

Yes! We ship on Mondays to physical addresses in the contiguous U.S. only so that your worms arrive in tip-top shape and ready to go to work munching down your kitchen scraps!